How to Speedrun Antichamber (Any% and 100%)

      Basic Info
So you want to speedrun Antichamber, eh? It’s a pretty fast an easy route to learn, but I suggest trying to make up your own route first. It’s quite fun to have tried your own route, and then see what is actually possible in the tutorials or record videos. It’s a good test of your knowledge of the game. Even if you aren’t considering running it, but you clicked the guide just to see what it was; I still suggest trying to run it (as long as you’ve finished the game already). It’s such a short speedrun that it really doesn’t matter. If you’re afraid of losing your “first playthrough” savegame, then go ahead and back it up:

  • “%Steam%\steamapps\common\Antichamber\Binaries\Win32\SavedGame.bin”

You could also just use the console command “unlockall” if you have the dev console enabled.
Below is a listing of a lot of info about Antichamber speedrunning and the community behind it. For a more updated listing, visit this Reddit post on the Antichamber subreddit:

World Record Times
  • Note: The listed times, routes, and route tutorials are not guarenteed to be completely accurate and up-to date. To see the current up-to-date listing, visit this post on the Antichamber Subreddit:
Currently, the any% route is mostly optimized, and will not change much. We use a lag abuse glitch to get through a disintegrator field with cubes, allowing us to get cubes into The Chase and The Escape. This lets us skip most puzzles in The Chase as well as skip all puzzles in The Escape. We also skip obtaining the yellow and red guns.

  • Any% Route Tutorial (including Lag Glitch explanation):

    YouTube™-video: Antichamber any% speedrun walkthrough
    Visninger: 24
    This is the walkthrough for beating Antichamber with the fastest route currently available. This category makes use of the lag glitch which allows you to enter the chase with cubes, letting you beat t…
  • Created by: Pallidus
  • Last Updated: 25 September 2013
Any% Lagless
Currently, the any% lagless route is completely optimized, and most likely it will not change unless more clipping glitches are discovered. There isn’t much to explain about the Lagless route; we obtain all 4 guns and then proceed to The Chase and The Escape in the order they were intended.

120 Signs
Currently, the 120 signs route includes doing a partial any% lagless route (with some added portions for signs) up to getting the red gun before getting any other signs. I’ve created a video of a quick walkthrough for this route, although this route changes often, and there is a lot of optimization to be done. You can use this video to learn the basic route, and then watch the WR video to find any new route changes. Read the 119 signs category description to find out how we’re able to obtain the final sign now (timer sign early).

119 Signs
The previous name of the 120 signs route. It used to not be possible to obtain the timer sign (“Live on your own watch, not on someone elses.”) until after the 1:30:00 timer ran out. It is now possible to obtain the timer sign early via a clipping glitch found by Parsnipjr. A video explaining this clipping glitch is linked below. This category is not run anymore and was replaced by the 120 signs category. It uses the same route, however, so these walkthroughs/tutorials are still usable. Just add on the timer sign (shown below) at the end of these routes.

Any% No Esc
This route is just like an Any% route except for the one rule that you cannot hit Esc at any time. There are very few people who actually run this route. I will create a video walkthrough of this route once I learn the common mistakes of it. For now, it is pretty easy to determine the route from watching the WR video.

All Pink Cubes
This run includes obtaining all 13 of the “regular gameplay” pink cubes. Parsnipjr, Crehl, and I have created a route (subject to change). The route we’ve created can be viewed below; this list includes the two noclip cubes, although these two are not in the route. If you plan on trying to run this route, and you need something in the notes explained, feel free to ask here or ask me in my twitch chat (I’m in it basically 24/7).

Complete Map
This category consists of getting the map to show as fully complete in the Main Hub (esc room). Some puzzles do not have to be completed for their room to show up as completed, and there are some sings you can skip obtaining. This route has not been fully optimized, so feel free to make any optimizations from the WR video.

Dev Rooms
This category consists of entering all 8 of the Dev Rooms. The Dev Room at Failing Forward has different rules than the others, you must enter the empty room at the end of the series of puzzles because this is the room in the series that counts as the “Dev Room.”

This category is not possible yet because of the unobtainable pink cubes. One of the two unobtainable ones can be obtained via clipping glitches (which we would accept in a speedrun), but the other one requires console commands right now.

Other Links
If you learn any of the routes and want to live speedrun race against me (and possibly others), follow these steps:
After following those steps, you’ll want to type into the chat “/join #antichamber” without the quotes to join the antichamber chat channel. From there, you’ll be able to talk to all the others who race it (if they are online).

If you have the game, but you’ve never even thought of speedrunning it before, You can check out the any% lagless tutorial video linked up above, or you can check out my stream sometime, and I can personally walk you through the route (whether you use the stream chat, or we do a skype call, I don’t mind either way). Even if I’m not streaming, I still have my stream chat open. If you say “cali” without quotes in the chat, I’ll get a notification that someone is trying to message me. That said, if it’s SRL that you don’t know how to use, I can walk you through that as well, but there is a nice video series (three 10-minute clips) made by one of the mods of SRL here:

YouTube™-video: SRL Tutorial – Registering your Nickname + Identifying
Visninger: 8,237
A quick tutorial on how to register your nickname on the Speedrunslive IRC server. 2:30 – Register Command typed 3:26 – Example of Identifying Big shoutouts to Doicm fo…

Other than that, I think I’m all done here for now. So until a new WR time comes in, I’ll be around.