Anarky Tags : Locations and How to Find

First of all this is an ongoing Guide created for finishing it together with community.

Please send me a message or write down here if you find another one.

Hey guys and gals this is my second guide for Arkham Origins l really hope to finish this guide. You may ask why publish an unfinished guide you lazy-♥♥♥. Well, l think its better to finish it with you , with Steam community it will be more fun and faster this way.

Now, let’s see Who Anarky is ,

According to Anarky is a villain that is wanted because of charges of trespassing, destruction of public property, destruction of government property, and unregistered demonstrations.

Earlier reports flagged suspect as graffiti artist with an anti-authority/anarchist leanings. Suspected of organizing radical protests, occupying public spaces and erecting tent cities, and other public disturbances. Uses social media and hacktivism to harass political figures, business leaders, and peace officers.

He is not your typical villain you see.

ln this game he plants three bombs over Gotham and let his fanatics spray tags all over the city.

Anarky Tags in Old Gotham
Here we go:

1. – The first one l found was on top of the building called : AMARTEK ( or something ? ) in Industrial District

After you get to this point you need to switch to detective mode ( x ) then hold down x to scan the wall. Then you will get an info about this building and why it is tagged . lt gives a political statement about it in Anarky’s view.

2 . Second one was not fairly easy to see. Found this before entering Final Offer , its across the ship’s middle deck in Amusement Mile district ( l explore almost everywhere )

After you beat the thugs you will have the wall in front of you so no need for further study.

Scan this with holding down x

3. Third one l found and you will probably find it easily : minor spoilers —
After leaving the Final Offer Anarky gives you a threatening message and sends his thug to inform you about 3 bombs he set all over Gotham this night . Great huh?

After you go to the first bomb ( you will need to go there ) and defuse it jump to the right roof and you will see this wall.

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