Batman: Arkham Origins Interactive Map

EXPLOSIONS!!! You did not ask for it but I delivered nonetheless! Finally, a completely interactive Batman map with ALL collectables that you can view from your overlay!

It is currently a big work in progress and items are currently being added all of the time.


      Interactive Batman Map of Anarky!

The bottom bar allows you to select many different types marks that are split into their appropriate sections. Like items can be toggled on or off at once and the usual drag and zoom functionality of a ‘Google Map’ is present here as well.

Items are still be added all the time and should be considered a big work in progress. On the up side, however, VECTORS! Maybe if you are all good I will add the grid overlay to the map to make you feel at home.

Hit refresh when you revisit to ensure you have the latest version; enjoy your new look Batman: Arkham Origins Map

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