How to get the Shadow Achievements

There are a few Shadow Achievements in Cookie Clicker, and you won’t see how to obtain them unless you actually complete them. However, this guide will tell you how to unlock all of them, so go away if you don’t want anything spoiled!

Black cat’s paw

Black cat’s paw requires you to click 7.777 Golden Cookies. There is no trick to complete this, so you just have to pay attention to the Golden Cookies, and hope for Cookie Chains. You should also use Cookie Monster for this!

Cheated cookies taste awful

This is obtained by hacking or cheating in cookies, which can be done by javascript. You can read more about how to cheat at Cookie Clicker in this article.


This Shadow Achievement requires you to get 1 billion (1,000,000,000,000) Cookies baked without purchasing any upgrades. This means that you can buy things such as Clicker, Grandmas, Farms etc. from the Store, but no upgrades!

This easiest way to get this is by getting a lot of Heavenly Chips, and just purchase lots of clickers. It should not really be a problem unless it’s a fresh game.

Speed baking (I, II and III)

The Speed baking Shadow Achievement is actually three achievements, and requires you to get 1 million cookies baked within 35, 25 or 15 minutes played. You can get all three of them at the same time if you do it in 15 minutes or less.

As with Hardcore, the way to get this easy is by having a lot of Heavenly Chips. If not, the best strategy is to install Cookie Monster and always purchase the green upgrade, and click the big cookie like a madman.

True Neverclick

This Shadow Achievement requires you to bake 1 million cookies without touching the big cookie at all! The only way to get enough cookies for the first upgrade from the store is by getting two “Lucky” golden cookies, which you usually gets after 3-4 Golden Cookies. This achievement takes a lot of waiting, since you won’t have any upgrades to your golden cookies, making them spawn really rare.

The best strategy is simply to install Cookie Monster and patiently wait until you get enough cookies to buy the first Cursor for 15 cookies. Then just wait until you can purchase another one, and keep going like that. Remember to never touch the big cookie until you get the achievement!

Chirped out

This requires you to find and defeat Chirpy, a boss in the unreleased dungeons. A guide will be added once that content is live.

Follow the white rabbit

This requires you to find and defeat the Sugar Bunny, a boss in the unreleased dungeons. A guide will be added once that content is live.

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