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How to use Eve

Just a simple guide of Eve I’m making. If your looking for beginning help, this might be of use to you. Please ask me for any other help if you need it.

NOTE: I’m still in progress with the game, if your looking for exact guidance this probably isn’t for you till I have finished the entire guide.

This guide is to show how I personally use Eve – Architecture – and soon, Empress.

Currently, I’ll be only talking about Eve to Architecture. If your interested in playing with me, please don’t hesitate to add me.

NOTE: Some information I do get from the internet. I am not claiming it as my own.

I begin with improving her speed and damage overall. I prefer tanky. I put all my Skill Points (SP) into Dimension Link – Blader and Illusion Ray, and if possible, Illusion Strike. Once I hit level 15, I have my Blader at 5 and Ray at 10. Remember to keep the Strike high. It’s useful for crowd control.
[Note] Pressing X uses Eve’s MP attacks, which drains it as you use it. Use Z to charge on MP.

I used dungeons to level, all in Very Hard mode. I also enhanced all my armor and weapons. It’s also a good idea to sweep all the titles from Ruben to gain a up for your Speed Stat.

The Blader is extremely good for taking down Bosses. Be sure to save up plenty of MP to use him. Cost is 200 MP. (Woah.)

Illusion Ray is quick, be sure to be to know your angle before using it. (I’ve made so many mistakes with it. I looked stupid.)

Illusion Stinger is also useful like Illusion Strike. The only difference is damage. Stinger does the most, but cost more MP. I recommend that you gain more and more MP before using it.


At level 20, Generate Black Hole took half my SP. I put the rest into Queen’s Potential. Throughout the leveling, I up on Black Hole and Basic Strength Training. You’ll need it to become a War Queen.

I also continue on making the previous skills better, but slowly develope into the Passive Skills. If you get to the Dragon Road and Dungeon in Very Hard mode, you’ll be on the right track.

Remember that in this class, Oberon will be summoned constantly to fight FOR you. Combos, like X + X + Z, CHANGE.


Generate Black Hole does a decent amount of damage and controls pests. It brings them to you and then explodes. This is also useful for PvP battles, no one can run from it.

(Will be updated as I progress. ^3^)

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Chosing your class the easy way

      Fury Guardian-Iron Paladin
Fury Guardian

The Fury Guardian class almost turns chung into a battering ram. If you enjoy chung’s ability to hit people with your canon chose this class. Although he may lack long ranged attacks his skills make up for that. Iron Howling and Pandemonium are both similar skills with a moderate radius and hit in a cercular area. Also Pain Of Caladbolg and Lutanic Fury are very similar to, although they have diferent efects on the enemys. If you think that his skills make Fury Guardian strong, well you are right but his passives basicly turn chung into solid Diamond. He can become resistant to every element in game, and bost his attack power (like he doesn’t have enough alredy). Fury Guardian’s combos are also easy to master:

Iron Paladin

After 20 levels of training and forgetting to cut his hair chung becomes and Iron paladin. His combos go from strong to MASSIVE! As Iron paladin obtains his 2 new skills: Land Dimolisher and Burst wolf. At first glance they don’t seem like much but if you use land demolisher, Iron Paladin gets a MAJOR power up, then use his combos:
->->XZZ XorZ
and ocasionaly use burst wolf to chain them you get unstopable force of massive destruction.
Land demolisher+combos+burst wolf=unstopable force of massive destruction.

Shooting Guardian-Deadly Chaser
Shooting Guardian

To use this class you must be able to quikly spam combos. Because thats what shooting guardian is all about. Obtaining a new weapon, the silver shooter, chung turns into a long ranged fighter. If you like using quick long ranged attacks, this is the class for you. Shooting Guardian combines the massive power of the Destroyer and the swift power of the silver shooter to deliver massive attacks. Since you will be using the destroyer ALOT and the sliver shooter ALOT you are going to need to upgrade them beacuse silver shooter can eat up your mana quickly and the destoyer cannoball system can be annoying when using this class so the game gives you these passives: remodle rifle (makes silver shooter cost less mana) and remodle magazine (you can carry more cannonballs). The skills are pretty straight forward too, and can be descriped with this scentence: BOOM! CRASH! BANG! EXPLOSIONS EVERYWHERE!!! Combos are straight forward to:
->->^ZXX(Spam X for extended combo)

Deadly Chaser

Aftter 20 levels of training and getting a pony tail Chung becomes a Deadly Chaser, translation: an assasin with 2 silver shooters. Deadly chaser is the simplest class chung can have.
His new combos are:
X(Yeah seriously just X)
And his skills are Bullet Blitz and Artillery Strike. Bullet Blitz is basicly a move that makes a bullet bounce of enemys dealing quick damage and Artillery Strike just makes a bunch of missles fall ina place of your choice. His skills aren’t the best to chain with his combos.

Shelling Guardian-Tactical Trouper
Shelling Guardian

Shelling Guardian takes seige shelling and turns it into a class. You also gain grenades (called disfozen for some reason). Shelling Guardian is my personal favorite and for a good reason, he is the perfect mix of long/short ranged attacks. All his combos start out closed ranged then you blast your enemys away and start spaming cannon balls at them to deal massive damage (except for the third one):
XXseige shelling
->->ZZXseige shelling
His skills are also great so let me make a short list of them:
Wonder Wall: pushes your enemys away and gives you a temporary shield that raises your defence by alot.
Dread Chase: fire 5 heat seaking missles at your enemys.
Big Bang stream:Launch a bunch of disfrozens in all directions for a big explosion.
Chaos Cannon: BOOM! BOOM! BOOM! BOOM!…
Carpet bombing: rain missles down on your enemys
You will be shooting ALOT with your destroyer so you get a passive called Reload Mastery, gives you a chance to reload 2 cannonballs instead of one.

Tactical Trouper

Tactical trouper is basicly shelling guardian but with new abilitys so he does not need any further explanation so im just gonna list his new combos/skills.
ZZXXSeige shelling
->->XXSeige shelling
Cannon strike: strike your enemy then shoot it and end in siege shelling
Tactical Field:Creat a field that regens mana for your allys and automaticlly reloads cannonballs for chungs.

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