How to disable the intro screens

There are several intro screens in Marvel heroes, but it’s actually really easy to disable them, and never having to see them ever again. Once you do this, you will be taken directly to the log in screen once you launch the game.

There are two ways of doing it: one for Steam, and one for regular installs.


Go to your Game Library and find Marvel Heroes. Right click on it and select Properties. Click on the SET LAUNCH OPTION which is in the same tab that opens automatically. This opens a new window, and paste the following code into that window: -nostartupmovies

Just save those settings, and you’re all done!

Regular installs

Firstly, locate your Marvel Heroes folder. This is usually something along the lines of C:/program files(x86)//Marvel Heroes/. Now navigate to the folders UnrealEngine3 -> MarvelGame -> Movies. There are lots of files in there, but look for the following four files:

1) Startup_GazillionLogo.bik

2) Startup_MarvelFlip.bik

3) Startup_MarvelHeroesLogo.bik

4) UE3_logo.bik

Now simply change all their names into something else, and the game will launch without playing them first. I would personally just add a 1 or any other number in front of their name so it would be easy to change it back in case you ever change your mind and want to watch them again.

Note that you might be forced to rename them again after major patches, since the game will probably reinstall the files.


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