Marvel Heroes relics explained 1

Game patch 1.2 added Relics to Marvel Heroes, a new item type that let’s you improve your hero. They got their very own slot on the hero inventory screen, so you don’t need to sacrifice anything to use them.2013-09-07_00001

Each Relic gives you a boost to one stat, plus +1 Health Point for each relic you use. Relics can stack up to 999, but each new relic will get weaker then the previous one, so it will progressively take longer to get more powerful.

This basically means that the first relic will give you “+10 damage”, the 2.nd one gives you “+7 damage” (for a total of 17), while the third gives you “+4 damage”, with a total of 21 extra damage. Each new one added to the stack will be weaker then the previous one, so the first few relics will make the biggest difference for your hero. These numbers were all made up, but they work like this.

The “+1 Health Point” on the relics is a flat rate, so you will always get one extra health for each new relic you equip on your hero, for a maximum of 999.

You can only equip one type of relic at the same time, so choose carefully. You can change relics later, but the previous relics will be bound to your hero.

There are a total of 7 different types of relics:

Relics of Xandar: “+ X damage rating with any Ranged Power”.

Relics of Atlantis: “+ X damage on Critical Hit”.

Relics of the Snakeroot Clan: “+X % move Speed”.

Relics of the Gibborim: “+ X Spirit”.

Relics of Asgard: “+ X damage rating with any Melee Power”.

Relics of Lemuria: “Gain X Heath when you deal damage”.

Relics of Chthon: “Deal X mental damage when you get hit”.

How to get Relics

Relics drop from any enemy in the whole game. They are affected by Special Item Find rating, so make sure to stack up on that if you’re looking for artifacts. Contrary to Eternity Splinters, Relics can drop from any enemy, even the ones who are grey (outleveled). This means that the most viable way of farming them is by grinding low level enemies over and over with a high SIF stat.

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