How to click fast enough for the Alien Probe part

When you are doing the Alien Probe scenes, it can be really difficult to click fast enough, and a lot of people are having problems with completing it. We offer three suggestions to anyway who stuggles with it, and the first on is to use an Xbox 360 controller. If you got one with a wire, just plug it into the USB, and it will work automatically. You might have to restart the game, but you can save during the scene. If you are still having problems, use your index finger instead of your thumb.

The second suggestion is to use two fingers at the same time. This can really increase your click speed on the keyboard.

A third option is to download an auto clicker, and let it do the job for you. There are literately hundreds of options, so either google one, or just got for AutoHotkey (it’s free, and pretty good).

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