How to defeat Al Gore in South Park: A Stick of Truth

After completing all the Manbearpig missions, Al Gore will start spamming your Facebook profile and you need to find him and tell him to stop. Simply find him in his storage room and tell him, and he thinks you are Manbearpig and attacks you. This boss battle is the hardest battle in the entire game, and it’s close to impossible without some preparations and smart tactics. Firstly, make sure you save your game right before you enter his storage room.

Once you start the battle, he will use a power point presentation. This will make you sleep and screwed, so make sure you block both of the attacks during the presentation. If not, just reload the game before the battle.

A general strategy for the fight is to use dots such as bleed or fire damage. You get a few turns to nuke him before he summons three adds, and you need to bear all three adds as well as Al Gore in order to win the battle. There are two easy adds, and one harder one. The hardest add is the one in the middle, and is notoriously riposing. Make sure you got a good ranged weapon with a good DoT (such as the bow from the Mongolian tower).

You should use Jimmy as your sidekick, because he got a really powerful spell that will put all of them to sleep. This gives you a few opportunities to attack before they use ripose.

The priority for the fight should be Al Gore -> the two easy adds -> the hardest add. However, make sure all four om them got Dots on them, so they all take damage all the time. You should also make Al Gore grossed out, either by a weapon, or by an item, so that he cannot heal himself.

When it’s your turn, make sure to use potions. I prefer the coffee because it gives me an extra turn, but you will probably need to use a lot of healing potions and status cures.

The fight itself is fairly straight forward. Just attack and dot them, while you heal yourself, and remove your debuffs. It does take a while, but you should get them down after 3-5 minutes.

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