How to make a Starbound Server using Hamachi

This is a guide for people who want to make private servers, or for people who want to make a server easily.
Making The Server

Step 1: first go to this link to download Hamachi.
DO NOT CREATE AN ACCOUNT just check the agree to terms and conditions button and click download.

Step 2: Install Hamachi but make sure to uncheck all the unwanted programs during the instalation.

Step 3: Click the network button, and click create a new network.

Step 4: Give your friends the name and password to your network and have them click Network and join existing network

Step 5: Go to your Start button > Control Panel > Windows Firewall > Allow a program or feature through Windows Firewall

Step 6: Scroll down and find Starbound_server

Step 7: check mark both Home/Work (Private) and Public

Step 8: launch Starbound and then launch Starbound server

Step 9: give your friends the IP that is next to the power button on your hamachi, and have them just use that as the server IP, and there is no password.

Step 10: Have fun

If you have any questions then just post them in the comments

Important: I will read the comments when I have the time and I will try to respond to most of them.

P.S. this is my first guide so please tell me if I should do more or not. :)

I will try to make a Youtube video for the people that learn better if they see it being done so I can show you guys how to make the server easier.

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When you launch Starbound it brings you to the launcher that says – Launch Starbound Launch Starbound(gl) Lanuch Starbound Server click that Hope this helps

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