How to level up on Steam

Steam recently implemented the ability to level up your profile, which gets you a few nice features. Most of the level-based features are stuff to add to your Steam profile, and let’s you customize it more for each level you gain.

You can see your Steam level at your badges screen, or by following a link like this one, but obviously change username to your own username:

Gaining XP and leveling up

The Steam levels is really close tied to the badge system. You gain most of your XP from completing badges, as they give you 100 Steam XP per solve, so you could just level up really high by buying all 5x of trading cards for one game.

Each card solve gives your 100 XP, and you can solve the cards for one game a total of five times with regular cards. You could also solve the foil cards five times, but that’s gonna cost you a lot of money to buy all those cards.

You can gain Steam XP a few other ways as well, such as by purchasing new games. All new games add to your Powergamer rank, and gives you a few XP for each game.

You also get 50 XP for each year you’ve had your Steam account. That’s not really a lot, but it all adds up!

Past events such as the previous summer sales also gave some retroactive XP, and the upcoming sales will also probably give some.

Rewards for leveling up

You get a few rewards for leveling up, but the are mostly for customizing your Steam profile.

You gain a +5 to your friend list slot for each level, meaning you are able to have a really big friend list at the higher levels.

At level 10, 20, 30 etc. you gain more a new showcase slot. These are basically a slot on your profile where you can choose what kind of information you would like to show, such as Steam achievements, games owned, your wishlist or even your badges.

Each ten levels also gives you a 20% increased chance of finding a foil card. You are not able to get any before level 10, and then get the 20% increase for every ten levels after that. These foil cards usually sells for a lot more then regular cards, making leveling up worthwhile if you open a lot of trading card booster packages.

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