MVM for noobs: The soldier

Welcome to this guide. Coming here, you wish to learn the basics of becoming a good robot wrecker. And thats good, the soldier is one of the often played mvm classes. Learning and mastering him can be really helpful to you can your team.

So get your robot stumping shoes on, it’s time to get wreck metal-maggots!

Meet the solja boy
This is the soldier.
He has 200 hp and uses his rocket launcher as his main weapon of attacking. He also starts out with a shotgun and a shovel, making him a good and easy class to learn and get used to in the game.

Throughout playing you will unlock more weapons for him, like a banner+trumpet and a pickaxe. We will get to those weapons later on though. Right now we need to explain what jobs the soldier has to do.

In MVM, soldier only has 2 main jobs, and they are:

Crowd control

Crowd control
Due to your rockets, you can cause splash damage. What this means is that upon impact rockets will explode and anything in it’s radius will get damaged. As such, Soldier becomes perfect for taking out enemies bunched up together and it’s your duty to kill groups of robots that will make an attempt to push through the lines as a team.

Buffing is when you pull out your buff baner/battalion’s backup/conch and then use it, thus using it’s special abillity to cause mini-crits/protect your team from damage/give health back on damage. This is one of the main reason why soldier is good, becuse his buff can help massivly, whenever it’s surviving or taking down powerful robots (Tanks, giants etc). So be a good soldier and buff often.

What am I good/bad against?
As a mvm soldier, you are:

Good against:
Tanks: With the buff banner you can kill the tank much quicker, especially with teamates like engineers and heavies.
Giants: You can shoot round corners or quickly shoot a rocket and get back into cover. Buff banner really helps as well.
Spies: Just blast them away when they get close
Normal robots: A rocket’s damage can remove their health really quickly
Engineer bots: Even though you can harras them at long range, it will take a while to kill them

Bad against:
Snipers: Your rockets will take quite a while to reach them and due to your slow speed they can drop you easy.
Uber medics: You won’t be able to do the correct damage to kill them before they pop. And if you use crit canteens to make things easier you will just waste money.
Spies: It says you can eliminate spies easily, but don’t underestimate them, if you’re unaware of spies but you know they’re stalking in the shadows somewhere, listen for the chuckle they produce BEFORE it’s too late.

Loadout: “MAGGOTS”
To become a good soldier, you will need tools of destruction, reveloutionary weapons, WEAPONS THAT EVEN OUR PRESIDENT WOULD CRY IN SHOCK WHEN HE SAW ONE IN ACTION!

Um…..yeah. Here a good list of weapons that are extreamly effective in mvm that you can use.

The Beggar’s Bazooka

This weapon is the absolute best in terms of MvM, but you kind of need to get up close to deal some real damage with it. Also, be careful not to cause a misfire on yourself. You also are at a slight disadvantage because you can only load 3 rockets.

The Black Box

This weapon is good in some nature of HP-Recovering. It allows you to be a teensy bit more reckless, but since it only recovers 15 health for each hit, its still a good idea to be careful. Once again, slight disadvantage because only 3 rockets are loaded.

Good ol’ stock, no downsides and a great choice if you don’t want to use the black box or beggar’s bazooka.

Secondary weapons

The Buff Banner/Reskin

This secondary in MvM is considered the best, as it could make something tough like a giant heavy or tank go down in seconds.

Melee Weapons

The Escape Plan

This is probably the best melee weapon to use in MvM. (NOT TO MELEE ROBOTS) If you’re low on ammo, hp or both, you can use to escape plan to dash away.

The Disciplinary Action
This weapon is good for getting everyone to the frontlines faster, and it gives you a speed boost as well.


There are plenty of upgrades to choose from as soldier, but it is important that you upgrade your rocket launcher primarly. Why? Because unlike scout you don’t need to charge into robots to get around them and collect cash. Besides, you will have teamates backing you up and a dispenser.

Now onto the upgrades. The most important upgrades you will need are:

Health on kill
Firing and reload speed
Ammo capacity
Buff duration
Clip size

Health on kill so you can survive longer which can help with giants.
Firing and reload speed you should get early so you can dish out damage fast.
Ammo capacity so you can share ammo boxes with heavies and not run out of ammo quick. You only have 23-24 rockets to begin with, and they go quick.
Buff duration on your buff banner so the mini-crits last longer, making tanks and giants easier.
Damage to, well, do more damage. This should be saved for later as it is expensive.
Clip size to have more rockets fired before you need to reload.

And those are your primary upgrades. Other upgrades after doing the main ones are the resistance upgrades. These can be helpful with survivng and dealing with enemies.

Canteens to Use

This is a gateway to power aside from the Buff Banner. For 5 seconds, you get full crits. The crit canteens only cost 100 credits. So make sure you have enough credits to purchase some for tank and harder waves so you can kill tanks faster and cause more damage.

But what about the other canteens?

Teleport to spawn: This can help in some situations. If a super scout grabs the bomb and gets past you can use this. But you might have a pyro with airblast or a sniper/scout with milk/jarate.
Ammo: This can help if you are using the begger’s bazoka, but then again you can mark down ammo box locations and get ammo capacity upgrades so you won’t need to worry about ammo.
Uber: If you can handle staying in cover and attacking next to teamates you shouldn’t bother getting this.

Rocket Jumping
Rocket jumping is when you look down, jump and then right after you do that you fire your rocket launcher to fly upwards and reach places easier. However, there is a few things to note:

You will lose around 40-50hp doing so, so make sure you are on a good hp level
Robots have very good aim, they can shoot you out of the sky while you do this. Perform rocket jumping where robots cannot hit you or when you need to get to a safe place/escape.

Here is a demonstration of rocket jumping in 1st person:

And here is the same demonstration from a different angle:

Things to know
  • When your clip is out of rockets, run to cover and reload in safety.
  • If you see that you’re going to get overwhlemed by the robots, and most of your teammates are dead, rally your remaining allies and fall back to regroup!
  • You should take priority in spending your credits on your rocket launcher mostly, and (if you need them for the wave) bullet, explosive, and/or fire resistance.
  • Staying next to dispenser is a good idea. If the engineer has built his nest on the ground get near his dispenser and create a blockade with him. If he has built ontop of a building or high place it would be best to leave the dispenser alone.
  • It would be best to practice as soldier on normal missions so you get the hang of him and how he works. Once you fell confident and you are doing a good job as him, move up to the next difficulty.
  • Unlike Scout, Heavy and Engineer, the soldier isn’t that important. If any of those 3 classes are not taken it would be best to play as them.
Congratulations grunt, you have learnt the basics of becoming a soldier and are now ready to tear those robots apart!


Here is some soldier gamplay as well so you can get the idea of what his gameplay looks like.

Link to my youtube account:

(Disclaimer: Notice in the gameplay there are 2 scouts on the team. It is a bad idea to have 2 scouts on the team because 1 scout is fully capable of collecting the money by himself. However this was on normal so it wasn’t that bad.)

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