How to derpfarm 1

Derpfarming is the best way to level in The Mighty Quest for Epic Loot, and consists of running a castle filled with only Derps over and over. You get crowns, gold coins, Life Force, loot and XP points for doing these, and they are without a doubt the fastest way to level up and get nice loot.

The way to do this is simply to find a castle filled with Derps (see list below), and attack these castles. To attack them click on the social panel, and search for their name. If you plan on attacking the same castle many times, add them as a friend to access their profile a lot faster. You will still be able to access them faster even though they don’t accept your friend request.

You get best loot, and most XP by doing castles the same level as you, or a few level above. So try to do the highest level possible without dropping your efficiency.

The list of derpfarm castles:

Sparkky = 10
Sigmund_drake = 10
Reminiscence = 12
WeirdFiction = 13
Abyss = 14
HerpDerp = 14
ChaiN = 16
Perlzman = lvl 18
SihingSin = 18
Heromatix = 21
Zerron = 21
Indalamar = 25
NexusPrinz = 27
Subseven = 30
Gattsu = 30

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