How to level up your hero

Leveling up your hero in The Mighty Quest For Epic loot is a little bit harder then in most other games, due to the fact that you have to upgrade your Hero Trainer in order to be able to level. This guide will explain everything you need to know about the process in a few simple steps.

Get the experience

Firstly, you need a set amount of experience points. These are gained from defeating enemies, completing an attack on a castle, or from completing quests. You have an EXP bar below the menu when attacking a new castle, and you need to fill this before being able to level up. So kill a lot of enemies until the bar is full, then proceed to the next step.

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Level up at the Hero Trainer

Now that you’ve maxed the EXP you can have, click on “Defend” to return to your own castle. Now find the room called the “Hero Trainer” and click on “Level Up Hero“. Press the “Info” button on the hero you wish to level up, and you will see a button letting you level him up for a certain amount of gold. The amount of gold needed to level up varies, but is increased with each level, so make sure to have some spare gold saved up.

Level up the Hero Trainer

Once you get to higher level, the Hero Trainer won’t be able to level you up any more, because you will have to level up the Hero Trainer itself. This is simply done the same way as upgrading any other room in your castle, but can be really expensive.

The problem with leveling up the Hero Trainer is that you need to have a Castle Heart at a certain level, and each level of your Castle Heart can increase your Hero Trainer level by one. Each Hero Trainer level lets you level up all your heroes by between 4 and 5 levels, so this trainer needs to be upgraded pretty frequently.

The best way to do this is to always focus on upgrading your Castle Heart and Hero Trainer. Don’t waste your hold on leveling up things like the Potion Brewery or Blacksmith, or even buy weapons. You will however have to level up your Gold and Life Force Storages, since you will need to have a large amount of gold to level up the Castle Heart.

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