Help for problems on the unachievable achievement

Help for Sweet Tooth’s guide on the unachievable achievement.
That unachievable achievement guide worked! I accidentally lost physical contact with my computer however, and I had to commence a second rituall to bring my computer back… It is as follows:

Step one: find someone with a severe case of oedipus syndrome…
Step two: Gather two scrunge berries from the mountains of thor in new jersey
Step three: Crush berries into a paste and rub all over said persons stomach area.
Step four: Said person’s stomach(see step 3) should start dissolving. If you rubbed it on the sides, the entire stomach area will dissolve, causing instant death. If that happens, repeat steps 1-3.
Step five: when there is a hollow hole where organs and tissue should be, place hand inside, and feel for something metallic and hard.
Step six: Pull metallic hard object out. It should resemble the 3rd piano key to the left of middle C from the piano that Elton John used in the making of The Lion King.
Step seven: Attend an illuminati meeting near you, and request a high ranking official to perform teh dance of sucrose.
Step eight: high ranking offical will comply with that and the entire group will perform dance. At this moment the piano key should start shapeshifting into a gazelle.
Step nine: Take gazelle into Sahara desert and direct it 70 South of East. A pyramid should emerge from the sand.
Step ten: Enter pryamid. Find the coffin of akmen-rah. Proceed to open.
Step eleven: A portal to the dimension you recently entered should open.
Step twelve: Leaving your right hand planted on teh ground, place legs inside portal and make a scissor kick. Computer should appear between thighs. Pull your body out and you should be holding your computer. If you again lose physical contact with your computer, repeat all steps.
Good luck to those who encountered the same problem.

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