The Stanley Parable Achievement Guide 4

Beat the game

Simply do everything the narrator asks you

You can’t jump

Spam your spacebar really hard constantly for this achievement

Welcome back

Start the game up then quit and close the game down, then load it back up


Go to the extras menu and then enable achievements for this

Click on door 430 five times

Just outside your office is door 430, go click it a couple times and when the narrator tells you to go click on other stuff just follow what he says


Go to the keypad in the boss’s room and then spam 8 on it

Go outside

Set your PC internal clock to 5 years ahead, then load up the game to get this. Remember to set it back to the correct date after!

Speed Run

Go to the bosses office, use the keypad like usual and then go down the elevator, then restart the game (from the pause menu) and do it again, this time the secret door will open faster, go down the elevator then restart again. Now keep restarting till you get a straight hallway out of stanley’s office that leads directly to the two doors, then run as fast as you can and just do as the narrator says, you should get it this way.


not sure for now


not sure for now

Thanks for reading my guide!

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  • Morgan

    commitment requires playing the game for 24 hours, from 00:00 on Tuesday, to 00:00 on Wednesday.

  • toma

    you are a genious

  • xxajt1

    the unachievable achievement IS possible to get without cheating. I’m not exactly sure what i did, but i was attempting to get the escape pod ending (letting the bosses door close while you are on the wrong side). i was going through but went a little to slow, and was caught between the doors. the doors froze and i got the achievement. im still not exactly sure why. i am serious, go and try this. I haven’t seen this posted anywhere else. i think i am the first to find this.


  • AP

    For “Commitment” you have to let the game run from Monday 23:59 till Wednesday 0:01 (the “entire duration of a Tuesday”). It may also just be minimized. Main point is that it hast to run. (Once again it is possible to use the system clock for help, but only to easily get to the start point [Mon 23:59], after that the game has to run 24 hours!)