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The Timeless Isle is a new island added in patch 5.4, and includes lots of fun content! Blizzard has listened to the players, and this island will be almost free of daily quests, and will instead reward exploring, looting mobs and battling with pets.

Getting to the Timeless Isle

You will get an in-game mail upon logging in to the game after patch 5.4 has been deployed, and this mail will contain and invitation to the Timeless Island. This invitation will be used to summon you to the island, and you will need to learn the flight path on it in order to access in the next time.

It is not possible to use flying mounts on Timeless Isle, much like on Isle of Giants. It should be possible to run or swim out to the island, but this has not been tested properly by us yet.

Your first visit on Timeless Island

You will receive a one time quest (Time Keeper Kairoz) upon coming to the island, and this will require you to run all over the island to familiarize yourself with it. This only takes a few minutes, but could of course offer a lot of trouble on PvP realms, especially on the first day after patch release. You will be sent to the center of the island where you will find Celestial Court after you have successfully explored the whole island.

You will be able to interact with NPCs, pick up a few quests, and also buy new battle pets and armor at the Celestial Court.

Timeless coins

Timeless coins are a new currency tied to Timeless Isle, and is obtained from looting creatures, nodes or objects on the island, as well as completing the daily quest and pet battle daily quests. They also drop from rare mobs, so expect rare mobs farming like in Isle of Thunder!

The theory behind Timeless coins is that you will get rewarded for doing everything, which includes exploring, fighting mobs and doing pet battles.

Timeless coins can be used to buy Timeless gear, which gives you ilvl 496 gear which can be sent between all your battle.net characters!

A list of items currently for sale for Timeless coins:

Tattered Adventurer’s Journal – 500 Timeless coins.

Mogu Rune of Fate – 2500 Timeless coins.

Timeless armor caches – 7500 Timeless coins.

Kukuru’s Cache Key (used to open some chests on Timeless Isle) – 500 Timeless coins

Costumes for your Perky Pug – 500 Timeless coins

25 Magical Pet Biscuit – 500 Timeless coins

The timeless armor seems to work in a similar way as the Kor’kron armor from patch 5.3, and can be sent to your alts.

Daily Quest

There is only one daily quest on Timeless Isle, and it is a lore based quest. It simply asks you questions about World of Warcraft lore, and you will complete it once you have a set amount of correct answers.

The daily quest awards you with 100x Timeless coins, and 45g.

This guide will be updated with a link to the upcoming answers to all the lore question, once that guide is complete!

Pet tournament

The Timeless Isle hosts a grand pet tournament which requires you to have 30 level 25 battle pets in order to participate.

Guide: Get your hands on your first level 25 battle pet!

The pet tournament awards players with Celestial coins, which can be used for buying the all new celestial mini pets, as well as pet battle stones which can upgrade the rarity of your pet. All these items cost 3 Celestial coins each, so it’s safe to assume that it will take some time to collect these.

The pet tournament is currently unavailable, but this guide will be updated with information about it once we know something about it.

Rare spawns

There are lots and lots of rare spawns on the Timeless Isle, and they respawn pretty frequent just like most rare elites in Mists of Pandaria. They drop a nice chunk of Timeless Coins, and some of them also got some nice vanity loot.

Rare events

Rare events is a new type of feature introduced with the 5.4 patch, and there are lots of them on Timeless Isle.

World bosses

There are four world bosses, and these are located at the middle of Timeless Isle. These four world bosses requires you to fill up a raid group and defeat all the different celestials.

Their loot table and strategies are currently unknown, but it’s safe to assume that they are kind of like Oondasta or Nalak.


Ordos is another world boss, but with a twist. Only players who have obtained the legendary cloak from the legendary Wrathion questline is able to attack and participate in the encounter, so he is much more limited then the other world bosses.

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